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As well as offering a comprehensive range of world class syllabuses covering all facets of Martial Arts suitable for the whole family, Kumiai Ryu offers all members the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of other Martial Arts activities to enhance their learning and Martial Arts Journey.

These include a specialised Children's Camps known as the Secret Ninja Camp in Orange NSW and the Kids and Colts Camp Foster NSW.

The Autumn Camp designed for all ages and grades which alternates each year between Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast and Lane Cove Sydney. Winter Camp open to all members hosted by the Townsville Dojo on magical Magnetic Island

The KRMAS Annual National Camp which is held at Bonny Hills near Port Macquarie NSW at the end of August. This Camp incorporates the famous KRMAS three day Black Badge and Black Belt grading and is the number one event on the KRMAS Major Events calendar.

Tai Kai which means big training/gathering days are held in each State a number of times each year and are a fantastic day of seminars, senior grading’s and gatherings.

KRMAS follows the AMAC circuit www.wmachampionships.com NAS circuit www.nationalallstyles.com.au and participates in various other leading Professionally competitions that cover all facets of the Martial Art.

KRMAS students can also compete in http://kungfuwushuaustralia.com/ and Australian Karate Federation http://akf.com.au/

KRMAS students who are interested in Combat Sports are automatically qualified through our affiliations to participate in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Full Contact Karate or Kung Fu if the wish to do so and we are foundation members of MASA.

The long running KRMAS National Championships are held in October of each year at a different host Dojo where the standard is of the highest calibre where many who have won here have gone on to be International Champions across every aspect of Martial Arts competition.

There are numerous specialist seminars conducted not only by our very knowledgeable Senior Instructors, but also by National and International Specialists on a wide range of Martial Arts topics.

KRMAS members and their families enjoy regular training, cultural and learning trips to China, Thailand, Japan, Okinawa and USA. A fantastic opportunity awaits those who wish to train with industry leaders and experts in their chosen fields who have become lifelong friends of Kaicho Kevin, the Shihan Kai members and KRMAS.

ALL KRMAS members have access to an exciting new development the online Marital Arts University TMA.U specifically designed for KRMAS students to compliment their Dojo training at home 24/7 365 Days of the Year!




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