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What Is Ladies Muay Thai And Why Should You be Doing it?


Thailand has passed on some amazing gifts to the world; beautiful coastlines, great food, and the incredible martial art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the official combat sport of the nation and consists of high contact combat training using the body as a weapon. The origins of the sport are shrouded in mystery as sadly most of the written histories were burnt when the Burmese ransacked Siam.

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Obesity And Adults - A Little Fitness Goes A Long Way


Are you obese or overweight and looking to get healthier? If so, you’ll know it’s challenging. Most advice tells us to eat less and move more – but it’s easier said than done. You might feel ashamed of your appearance and how you got there, and many people judge those who are overweight as being lazy, which isn’t always true. It will significantly impact your exercise attempts, as self-consciousness and a lack of fitness can leave you feeling like exercise is pointless and keep you away from gyms. It’s the worst thing you could do, as even a small amount of movement could be what you need to improve your wellbeing.

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Summer Exercising Outside The Dojo


Martial arts training is one of the most effective workout routines available. Kickboxing, muay thai and karate all strengthen your body and are a great way to stay fit. To prevent your muscles from becoming accustomed to the same movements, it helps to integrate other forms of motion to challenge your body in different ways. Here are a few moves worth practising for a more rounded level of fitness, whether you’re inside or outside the dojo.

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Starting The New Year With A Fresh Mindset


The year is ending, which means that you’ll be taking a temporary break from your martial arts classes over the festive and holiday season. While you can’t attend classes in this time, you have the chance to refresh your mind and body and think about what you’d like to achieve in the new year. It’s a good time to develop the mindset you’d like to take into 2019, which is something that will only help you when plotting your future martial arts goals. Here are some tips to help you do this.

Take A Break

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